Through collaboration with key organizations, Innovation Bridge offers research, technical and business expertise to assist companies with their innovation, development and commercialization goals.



Lambton College and the Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park provide access to highly experienced and knowledgeable researchers. These researchers apply their expertise to develop and execute research projects in partnership with organizations to develop, improve or commercialize a product or service.


The Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park provides technical expertise including chemical and biochemical process analysis and design, site selection for chemical processes, and professional consulting and strategic studies services.



Sarnia Innovation Bridge offers expertise focused on business activities including commercialization, business plans, government relations, finance and marketing. Business development consultants and counsellors provide their knowledge to new and existing businesses to start and continue the growth of successful, competitive organizations.



Bluewater Regional Networks (BRN) assesses the different levels of connectivity requirements, with an understanding that those requirements are always increasing. BRN offers flexible packages that provide the opportunity for companies to get into the network at a level that fits their business' current needs and then progressively scale up when the time is right. Bluewater Regional Networks will offer true "end-to-end" fibre to Sarnia-Lambton businesses, meaning a more reliable network then one that piggybacks off of an older infrastructure. True end-to-end is also capable of providing much greater speeds when businesses need them.


Innovation Bridge offers a network of resources in Sarnia-Lambton. The collaborative organizations offer a wide range of resources including technology transfer, intellectual property management, technoeconomic studies, market analysis, access to funding programs, technical promotion and outreach, technical consultation, economic development, training and eccess to highly qualified personnel.



Office space is available for startup and small companies at the Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park's Commercialization Centre. The Research Park has small and medium-sized offices with amenities which include access to reception support, meeting rooms and the conference centre, eat-in café and parking.



The Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park offers 11,500 sq. ft of pilot plant space. The pilot plant infrastructure includes:


• Compressed Air

• Glycol Chilling

• High-bay and Low-bay Pilot Plant Areas



The Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park provides access to 9,000 sq. ft of laboratory space for lease. Lab infrastructure includes:


• Electrical: 120V, 220V, 600V, 2500A

• Water: Non-Potable Hot, Non-Potable Cold, Reverse Osmosis

• Steam

• Compressed Air

• Natural Gas

• Fume hood

• Modular Laboratory Furniture



Innovation Bridge will provide business acceleration support to early stage companies focused on Information Technology, Communication, Advanced Manufacturing and Automation. IB will provide mentorship, networking and services to support these companies to commercialize and grow their technologies. IB also intends to attract government and investment funding to financially support its clients.

Bioindustrial Innovation Canada (BIC) provides critical investment, advice and services to business developers with clean, green and sustainable technologies. BIC has had a particular focus on building the Sarnia-Lambton Biohybird Chemistry Cluster focused on industrial biotechnology companies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. BIC will leverage it experience and capabilities to support Innovation Bridge to build its business acceleration capacity focused on Information Technology and Communication, Adnaced Manufacturing and Automation.



Lambton College's Department of Applied Research and Innovation works with its partners to develop a suitable working model ranging from direct research contracts to collaborative projects.


Projects are faculty-led and involve students, thus providing a real-life applied research experience. By working with industry partners, faculty and students, Lambton College ensures it is at the leading-edge of industry developments within our community and across the globe.



Innovation Bridge provides access to training as well as highly qualified personnel (HQP). Lambton College provides local businesses access to well-trained, qualified students and graduates from various programs including Chemical Production Engineering, Instrumentation, Process Control, Power Engineering, Information Technology and Business. Lambton College also supports businesses by providing corporate training services through developed courses and customized training options.



Innovation Bridge advisors offer expert advice and industry insights on a range of topics, including: technical subjects in various areas, business and product development, financing and capital structure, corporate strategy, sales pitch creation, marketing and go-to-market strategy.



Provincial and Federal funding programs are available to SMEs, and can be accessed by Innovation Bridge for applied research, commercialization and development activities.



Innovation Bridge offers a combination of services and capabilities to support pilot studies. Space to build pilot projects is available, as well as access to technical and applied research services, in a wide range of areas including bioindustrial, water and wastewater, and materials development.



Innovation Bridge provides access to state-of-the-art laboratories and experienced, knowledgeable lab technicians for testing and analytical services.



Innovation Bridge combines world class applied research with unique intellectual property (IP) rights policy to foster an entrepreneurial environment that drives innovations from the lab to the marketplace. Innovation Bridge offers commercialization services and expertise to package and convert research innovations into commercially viable products and services. These services are:


  • Confirm Technology Pedigree - Clarify legal issues relevant to licensees and investors (e.g., Who has rights? Who are the inventors? As well as disclosure and prior art status)
  • Assess Opportunity - Define and position the opportunity in commercial terms (e.g., identifying "market pain", market size, barriers to entry, and the commercial pathway)
  • Protect IP - create an "asset" and preserve commercial opportunity (i.e., investment in patent costs and IP management)
  • Develop Prototype - Validate performance and advance commercial readiness (i.e., secure funding for proof of concept projects)
  • Tap into Innovation Bridge network of business and investor contacts


Facilitate the creation of startup companies or negotiate license agreements with existing companies.